The Kick-Ass Face Of The Noise (part II)

by BadMotherFucker
If you missed the first part, check it here.

Toto – Turn back


One of the most stupid bands ever, which for an unknown reason managed to get great commercial success. On the other hand, if you have a quick look at the charts, you will easily understand that we are surrounded by idiots (you are right Santiago) and that artists who are not even able to imitate the sound of a monkey playing the xylophone are or were on top. But still, this is a list focused on covers and as a cover “Turn Back” is really good. Ok, to be honest, with such a ridiculous name, it’s not that hard to come up with the idea of the cover, it’s just four letters…

Prodigy – Music for the jilted generation


That’s probably the most common reaction when you first listen to this kick-ass album and that’s probably the expression of the first human being who listened to their first album back in ’92. Then Prodigy captured the image and used it as a record cover 3 years later. Electro-punk, which spits in your face and makes you think that’s impossible for someone to compose this kind of music. Prodigy can only be compared with themselves; it’s something like a training football game, which succeeds in gaining the public attendance. Play it loud, grab a glob and smash everything around you. It’s highly recommended for those who want to join demonstrations and have clashes with the cops.

Alice in Chains – Alice in Chains


This miserable cover managed to ruin my teenage hood, back at this time when I was trying to find out similar artists to Nirvana. Thanks God, it’s just a drawing and the dog is not real, because I would hate this band more. A parenthesis here: if you like Nirvana and generally grunge, don’t even think to listen to Alice in Chains, they are  boring as hell, in a music genre, which is pretty boring and monotonous by itself. Stick with Pearl Jam, Tad and, OF COURSE, Screaming Trees. The cover is so miserable that, at the end, worthy to be in the list.

Pink Floyd – A momentary lapse of reason


I’m not that much of a Pink Floyd’s music fan, but I’m fan of their covers. The one above is from their second last album and you can barely find it on similar lists, everybody prefers the more popular ones. This cover is really nice though, and worth to be established in future tributes.

Billy Joel – Glass Houses


Another artist like Toto, who managed to make more money than all the contracts of Real Madrid football players of the last 20 years. I won’t ask for any particular reason, but I just wanna warn you: better go and watch telemarketing store commercials than listen to a Billy Joel’s record – it’s less boring. The cover is nice, though, mainly because it makes me think of how I’m gonna react if this guy crosses my way in a festival or something.

Dead Kennedys – Frankenchrist


Better don’t open the booklet and look at the images inside it, just have a look at the front cover if you ever happen to get this album original. On the original front cover (the one above) is a Masson parade, and the first thing that crosses my mind is either those guys have feet or not. The picture is so irrelevant for a Hardcore punk band’s cover that it managed to impress me.

Beastie Boys – Licensed to ill


I’m really afraid that we won’t have the chance to any future Beastie Boys live gigs, simply because there won’t be any. After Adam Yauch’s death, it seems impossible for the rest two to go on tour again. I still regret missing the chance to attend one of their shows back in 2007… Anyway, the cover is great and for sure it helped the band to sell more copies. In the photo above you can see the whole cover in both sides.

Lita Ford – Out for blood


There was a time when metal heads were looking for a woman among them with a sniper and there was Lita Ford, so everybody was satisfied. Lita is still alive, but she’s almost 60.  What annoys me the most is that this cover was censored and at the end they made the record company to change it, while similar covers by Ozzy Osbourne and Alice Cooper were legally released.  Pure sexism. Unfortunately, nowdays, there is no woman in metal that can be compared to Lita Ford. Someone could claim that Arch Enemy’s or Angela Gossow is fine, but still…

The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Electric ladyland


There’s only one thing that I’d say about this cover, and that is: PLAYBOY, FUCK YOU. When you open this double LP, you can appreciate women’s beauty. Thankfully, this amazing record was re-released with an appropriate cover.

 John Lennon – Rock ‘n’ roll


A really nice cover which introduces you to John Lennon’s music. For sure the best album cover in John Lennon’s solo career and for sure way better that the one with Yoko Ono, where Lennon shows off his dick. For those who like to pay attention to details, the three guys walking fast in front of Lennon are Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Stu Sutcliffe (the first Beatles’ bass player).

King Crimson – In the court of the crimson king


If the world was fair, this cover should – by law – replace the image of Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary in every household and Epitaph, and the last track of this album should be used instead of national anthems in schools.

Captain Beefheart – Trout mask replica


What I really wanna point out for this record is that Captain Beefheart’s mask is made out of a real fish! I think that’s enough. You can make your own conclusions and be prepared to listen to one of the strangest albums ever. Me gusta.

Led Zeppelin – Physical graffiti


I strongly believe that only at the time you get an official record copy of “Physical Graffiti” in your hands you can really understand how amazing the artwork is. It reminds me of those 3D books we had back in our childhood – and we were playing with them for days and days. Back to the cover: yes my friend, you can play with this record for a whole afternoon without even touching the vinyl inside, because you will be afraid of spoiling the cover.

The Doors – Strange days

Every time I wanna listen to “Strange Days”, the movie “Freaks” pops up on my mind. I have no clue if the picture is from that movie, but for sure you cannot forget it. On the other hand, maybe I had a nightmare with those creatures on the picture.

Tom Waits – Small change


That’s definitely the definition of “A picture is worth a thousand words”. You can see the cover of the record and, without even turning it to the other side to read the names of the songs, totally realize what the songs of this motherfucker are gonna be about. I think this is probably the most depictive cover of Waits’ thematology ever.


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