The world could have been a better place if…

By BadMotherFucker

Hey guys, what’s up? I know that you missed me a lot, I missed you too.


This week I decided not to continue with my last part of the “kick ass face of the noise” BUT as a real ORTHODOX BRO (I guess most of you know that today is the orthodox Eastern, otherwise shame on you, filthy bastards), I will have my day off and enjoy my kokoretsi and beers in the sun… But for those of you who clicked to see what’s posted today I have an advice: GET A LIFE! It’s Saturday and almost summer in the whole northern hemisphere (except Denmark of course…) and you motherfuckers stay in the whole clicking on random blogs? So close the tab and enjoy the day. With you in the southern hemisphere, I’d like to share my thoughts about resurrection:

Back to the title again, “The world could have been a better place if”: we had used “diamond” as the commercial says we would have escaped from all those fairy tales, wars and fundamental theories…


See you all next week. Ah and happy Easter!

Ps. For my loyal follower(s): check this out, it’s the funniest thing I’ve seen for at least the last 1682651683464165 years of my life!

And if you feel like, re-read the post listening to this holy track!

 adios muchachos!


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