by BadMotherfucker

Let’s continue this week with the last part of the tribute for the best album covers ever. After the excitement that my previous 3 posts created in the mass (zero likes on facebook) it’s time for the epic finale. Here you go:

The Flaming Lips – ‘Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots’


Drugs, drugs, drugs, and what the fuck is this creature? I guess is a pink robot that Yoshimi battles. I know that Flaming Lips are deep into the 60’s psychedelic movement, but man, this is a nightmare, I never want to test a drug that creates such side effects. Anyways, besides the awesome cover, the album itself is probably the best album of the last decade. Check it out.

Wilco – ‘Sky Blue Sky


There something in this cover that creates on me a miserable feeling. I mean, ok, Wilco’s music is slower than death, so this fact alone could probably make me hung myself from the lamp in my room, but the combination of the music and the cover image makes me hate life.

Johnny Cash – At folsom prison


Now it’s men’s time, so girls close the tab and go to listen to Army of Lovers. I know that this is not the best live record ever, but it’s the live record which showed Cash’s huge hairy balls to the authorities and the cops. Recorded in Folsom Prison with a bunch of great musicians, it’s for sure Johnny Cash’s best record. His face in the cover explains everything, probably the time that Cash was about to die, gave the death the same glance.

Frank Sinatra – In the wee small hours


I don’t like Frank Sinatra. No, to be honest, I hate Frank Sinatra. I can understand why people like him though. But at the same time I can’t understand those who don’t like him, I think it’s just me. Maybe because I have an issue with vocalists, I don’t respect them that much. But god damned, I really like this smoking cover!

Dr. Timothy Leary Ph.D. – L.S.D.


Most of us know Timothy Leary for his advocacy of psychedelic drugs. But this guy was more than a legend: maybe he influenced pop culture more than MTV, Star Wars and Tarantino. The cover couldn’t be more suitable for the name of the album.

Supertramp – Crisis? What Crisis?


An image that fits the most in the case of southern-European countries. The record is from ’75, but the picture could be taken last summer in a beach close to Athens…

Kyuss – Welcome To Sky Valley


Kyuss is the most underestimated band of the 90s. I mean besides the fact that Josh Homme’s face makes me puke, because he’s just a shitfaced arrogant, the music he composed with Kyuss is way better than any of the pop-shity-stoner-whatever tracks he composed with any other project he had. And of course Queens of the Stone Age is just a hair of the balls of Kyuss. I’d like to pay respect to this band by including this cover.

Thelonious Monk – Monk


When I was younger I was struggling to decide who the best jazz pianist was: Thelonious Monk or Bud Powell. Then I found out that Keith Jarrett is the guy I was looking for. I know that Keith Jarrett’s music has nothing in common with Monk’s and Powell’s but anyway. This picture of Monk, kicks ass.

Menomena – Friend and foe


I don’t know if you have heard of Craig Thompson. He’s a graphic novelist whose graphic novel “Blankets” is one of the 10 best graphic novels of the last decade according to Time. So this cover was illustrated by Craig Thompson and was nominated for a Grammy Award for “Best Recording Package”. Fair enough, I would say.

Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton


Just the fact that Clapton’s reading comics in the cover is priceless. The best blues record ever made by whites.


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