Give me my Sundays back!

by BadMotherFucker

The Champions League final is coming! So what? Everybody keeps on telling me that we should gather and watch the match together, but my answer is the same: I don’t fucking care!


Yes, I love football, but not this commercial side of it. I know that for most football lovers the Champions League final is kind of a special day, the biggest celebration of the year – but not for me. I don’t wanna sit down in front a TV and watch a game that offers everything  but respect to what I love, FOOTBALL. I know that I might sound strange to you, but this is how I feel.

Modern football and sponsors have ruined the main idea behind this game, which is passion. Today, football players are not playing for the reputation of their clubs any more, but they play for the money that they can make out of the whole industry which goes around this game. Every single game in such high level as this one feels like watching a Hollywood movie, it’s so fake… It’s entertaining, but nothing more than that. The thing that I hate the most is the people who go and watch these big games.

Bill Shankly once said that “some people believe football is a matter of life and death. I am very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you that it is much, much more important than that”. AND HE IS FUCKING RIGHT. Look at the people who go nowadays to these big games, most of them know nothing about football – but they have the money to spend on buying tickets, which are worth a fortune. They cannot identify themselves with a team, but they support those which have the best advertising policies and of course sign the most-well known footballers. Fucking morons.

Have a look here: Cristiano Ronaldo has just scored a goal against Barcelona, and what’s the fans reaction? They raise their middle fingers? They spit on him? They throw beer glasses? NO! They don’t fucking do anything! Some of them even clap hands! THIS IS NOT THE RIGHT REACTION, FAGGOTS! THAT’S HOW YOU SHOULD DO IT!

When a player scores a goal against your fucking team, you don’t stand like a 5-year old kid who just broke the vase in front of his mother. At that very moment you want to torture him to death and make him eat his head, at least! But yes, I know, it’s not your fault, it’s modern football’s rules. They keep the real fans out of the stadium and let families and fags enter!

So listen now, dear father: When you decide to come to the game with your entire family, what goes on there is none of your business! I’ve never seen a hooligan entering a cinema smashing everything around while you and your family watch a Disney movie, so don’t mess with their stuff! Stay home, make pizza and popcorn and watch the game! Let us enjoy it the way we want! The thing is that because of these fucking modern football rules you, asshole, have the money to pay for the ticket and we don’t! That’s why I hate watching all these big games: because I am surrounded by people like you, who are there to enjoy their evening and nothing more than that. I’d rather watch a 4th division game with real fans and shit football, than this high level bullshit, where 22 douchebags are playing just for the money.

Anyway, I don’t want to ruin your Saturday night, enjoy the final whether you are atthe stadium or at home and then post your stupid face or comment on the fucking social media. I will just go out and have a beer with people who really love football and they don’t fucking care about this carnival. One last thing: FUCK UEFA!

p.s This is the true football spirit

5 thoughts on “Give me my Sundays back!

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  2. I don’t have anything against homosexuals at first point and of course by the word faggot i’m not referring to them. The word faggot has a broader meaning in slang, but as i am not a native speaker i might be mistaken. Thanks for correcting me Josh at that point. Secondly if anyone feels offended could easily close the tab, send me a message here (as you did) or just don’t read my posts again. I am not writing politically correct articles so don’t expect to like them, you may have fun reading them, or you may not, it’s up to you. I feel sorry if the article offended someone’s sexuality while reading it and i apologise for it. On the other hand, i strongly believe in what i wrote,and i used this blog to write a story from a different angle, the angle of the ultras and the hooligans who are usually not able to express themselves via articles in a broader audience. Like it or not, this is the way they think (and the slang they use).

  3. fag·got (fgt)
    n. Offensive Slang
    Used as a disparaging term for a homosexual man.

    So people who are not reacting to football in what “BadMotherFucker” considers the proper manner must be gay because…? And then not only using being gay as a negative descriptor but then to use one of the most offensively derogatory terms for gay people too?
    Two words: Fucking CLASSY…
    Thanks for the enjoyable read.

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