Havens on the Wane

By Camy Roch

States are like people. At least, sometimes they do have the same survival instincts, especially when it comes to money. I mean, what would you do if  you’re short on money but still craving  a refreshing beer? You desperately rake up your pockets. And if you still can’t find any, then you go rake the neighbour’s. At least, that’s what I would do.

Let’s leave the metaphor there. It seems like today, due to economic hard times, states are struggling to afford that goddamned beer. Leading the European Council to gather in Brussels two days ago, with the firm intention to scrape some money together. Here to understand: tackling once for all tax evasion, and putting an end to the reign of tax havens and bank secrecies. (As I said, if you can’t find coins in your own pockets, go for the neighbours’).

As sad as it may sound, not every tax haven does look like that.

As sad as it may sound, not every tax haven does look like that.

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Sexpositions and sexpectations in Game of Thrones

By Noort Bakx

Yesterday was Monday again, and yay, that means time to watch the new Game of Thrones! Over the last months, I too have become a big fan of HBO’s immensely popular fantasy drama series. Before I started watching, I heard many different thing about the show, but the one thing I heard from everyone was, sex. The sex and nudity on the show build up quite a reputation.


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Eurovision: Like it or not, it matters (and it’s fun)

By Sonja Nikcevic

Last night, after 3+ hours of singing, dancing, laser lights and voting results, Denmark became the new winner of Eurovision. If you’re from or in Europe, a club-goer, radio-listener or general consumer of media, you better start liking the flowing, flutey (it’s a word now, deal with it) tunes of Only Teardrops; or move away. Far away, to the corners of North America, who has no problem pretending that Europe doesn’t exist anyway.

Emmelie de Forest sings her little (slightly hippie) heart out, with ‘Only Teardrops’

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Youth wings are worse than cancer, folks

by Laura Vilaça

Youth wings get on my nerves. They really do. I see them as kindergartens of corruption, breweries of mass stupidity, things that could actually be cool but have gone sour with time. Don’t get me wrong: I fully sustain that young people should get involved in politics. However, don’t shit me: youth wings are not the way to become a politically engaged, fully informed citizen. They are the cancer of society and the root of a set of structural problems that bug more than crabs.

Give this young man a suit and some wings and he's ready for action.

Give this young man a suit and some wings and he’s ready for action.

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