Veggie Pride, or when freedom of expression should reconsider its limits

by Camy Roch

Back to serious bullshit, folks! Two weeks ago, an event largely underreported, according to me, took place in Geneva. The kind of event that make you seriously wonder about your surrounding fellows: The International Veggie Pride 2013.


It was the very first time the event took an international dimension, causing illuminated baba-cools to travel thousands of kilometres to have their voices heard. The parade, a mob of some 700 original (300 to 400 according to more reasonable media) demonstrated among other things against animals’ mistreatments. Lectures about how-steaks-are-disgusting were organized. Protesters eventually handed over petitions to the UN and the WTO. What a day!


Just to make it clear at this point. Before any suspicion of discrimination, I shall precise: I have absolutely nothing against vegetarians. They don’t wanna eat meat, that’s their choice and I feel nothing but the uttermost respect for their decision. But a Veggie Pride, seriously? Can’t people be proud of not eating meat IN SILENCE???


Vegetarian Glossary for Dummies

To keep up with the goal of dispending crucial information, and to make that post as comprehensible as possible, let me first introduce a couple of essential notions:

Vegetarian: a person who excludes consumption of animal flesh from his/her eating behaviour (eggs, milk, honey allowed).

Vegetalian: a person who excludes consumption of animal flesh from his/her eating behaviour, but also animal by-products and production (eggs, milk, honey NOT allowed).memeveggie2

Vegan: a person whose way of life is based on the refusal of exploitation and cruelty towards animals. This implies you’re a vegetalian, but you ALSO exclude the use of every tested-on-animal product and by-product. In brief: you strongly despise on fur, leather or beeswax, and the use of sheep-skin condoms is therefore condemned.

Flexitarian: this newly introduced term refers to cool peeps, who don’t eat that much meat, but who at the same time won’t be such a pain in the ass when invited to a BBQ. They’re also commonly assimilated to “broke people”, who can’t afford as much ribs as they would.

When You Legitimately Start Fearing

Those were some of the people to be found two weeks ago, brandishing banners in front of the WTO building.  The story could have stopped there and I wouldn’t have had much interest in it if it wasn’t for a particular fact. The protest was about defending animals’ rights. BUT, it also aimed at denouncing a system of social repression.

Yes, you hear me right. “Social repression”!!! That bunch of hippies in crocs gathered the other day to denounce the growing “vegephobia” wave, by which they feel discriminated and belittled. Absence of veggie meal in private and public establishments; Judgmental doctors poorly informed about those diets; Repetitive mocking and insufficient coverage by the media; To which you add unpleasant remarks, continuous jokes, contempt, aggressiveness and potential beating up… Vegetarian’s life is a struggle!! So, be careful with the words you use next time you’ll address one, the guy might already be very close to suicide.


Discrimination is indeed a reality well present within the society. You just have to look at the rise of violent acts related to xenophobia or homophobia to realize that a lot of demands are more than founded. But this kind of demonstration is where I say stop. Too much freedom of expression kills freedom of expression. Declaring hamburger-unfriendly folks victims of repression is pushing the boundaries a tiny bit too far.

You don’t eat meat, fine I don’t eat pickles. But you don’t see me jumping in the street to claim my right to obtain a job that does not hinder my ethical convictions of not eating pickles. What will come next if we don’t stop now the machine of dumbass protests and parades? We can already witness a vast defile of those: Ginger Pride. Saint Stupid’s Day Parade. Lobster Dog Parade. GoBlond Parade. And so on. In the meanwhile, I truly envisage developing my own definition of “vegephobia”. Or how I start fearing for the sake of non-meat eaters.

Nope, I wasn't lying when I said dumbass parades.

Nope, I wasn’t lying when I said dumbass parades.

Lobster Dog Parade, true story...

Lobster Dog Parade, true story…


5 thoughts on “Veggie Pride, or when freedom of expression should reconsider its limits

  1. As a vegetarian, I think this blog post is offensive, and a first-hand example of social repression and discrimination against vegetarians.

    No, I am totally kidding.

    It’s hilarious!

  2. “Can’t people be proud of not eating meat IN SILENCE???” Exactly what I thought when I saw the parade in Geneva, while I was shopping downtown! Those people looked “normal”, all ages but mostly under 25. I was surprised to see how many there were, around 500 as per my expertise as an “observatrice de manif” 😉 Next time, give me a call when you need a local photographer 😉

    • Hahhahaha I could have used you as a source on the field, damned! But, yeah, next protest in Geneva, Ill definitely call for some exclusive pics 🙂

  3. Mon dieu j’ai ri! Funny from the beginning to the end! ps: there’s a serious lack of chickens and bees, but it’s kinda cool! 😀

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