Aaaaaand… this was 2013!

So, 2013 is over. A lot happened in the world this year, but we are not going to go through that again; we are sure your favorite magazine has already done a great job at it. But 2013 was also the year that gave birth to the blog you are reading right now. It started off as an experiment, a way for a bunch of writers to express their views in a free environment. It went on to be bigger than we expected, and without a doubt, the best part is yours, the reader’s, reactions.

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We published 110 posts this year, with no limits of subject, style or length. For us, there is no better way to sum up this amazing year than returning to our most popular ones – and here they are. May 2014 will be the turning point year of your lives, and if not, just have good old fun. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

1. 10 cool things to pass time when you’re bored in class

Apparently, our readers spend a lot of time in class. Apparently, what they do there is mainly NOT studying. Laura Vilaça helps you guys to pass the time in class with style. Trust her, she’s an expert.

2. Sexpositions and sexpectations in Game of Thrones

Did somebody say boobs? Noort Bakx counts them as she jumps into the naughty world of sex in the explicit TV series Game of Thrones. But lo and behold – she wasn’t impressed with the numbers. Why?

3. Double standards and the crusade against skinny

Sonja Nikcevic is a skinny girl. Think her life is just splendid? Think again. A great post about the double standards society is applying when it comes to skinny girls – stuff that would have never been aimed towards bigger women and men.

4. LFL – Leave the lace off the field

Heads up, it’s nudity again. This time on the football field. Actually, there is a whole league for half naked girls to tackle each other for the enjoyment of the crowd. Come see what our not-faminist-but-yes-opinionist Sonja Nikcevic thinks about that.  

5. Stop. Calling. Me. A. Hipster.

How do you spot a hipster? Just find the ones that say their not. Laura Vilaça is here to kick your balls for calling her one, and explain what is a hipster and why she is not one of them. Confused?

6. Oh society, what are you reading?

The Twilight Saga? De Vinci Code?! Sonja Nikcevic is goddamn disappointed with nowadays reading habits.

7. 12 mistakes to avoid if you’re a disaster traveling alone

Plan your luggage, exchange money, find the right spot for the bus, don’t fall asleep on the train… You know what? How ’bout you just take Laura Vilaça with you for your trip, and she will take care of everything.

8. Put Your Pencils Down

Our education system is killing our creativity, no less. No, our Daniel Isler did not come up with this idea, but rather wrote about the most popular TED talk, given by Sir Ken Robinson. What is the deal with the modern school and creativity, and what does it have to do with drawing God?

9. The wonders of Eastern European food

Kajmak & čvarci makes you drull? Can’t wait for your daily dose of Ajvar? Chevapchichi is your defenition of a meat-fest? if not, it’s about time you get to know the East European kitchen, with our expert Sonja Nikcevic.

10. The Public Life of a Flight Attendant

Flying around the world, sleeping in another continent every night, eternal time at the duty-free. Sounds great? Yes, but that’s not all there is to it, if you ask our guest writer – Tiago Vilaça. Want to be our next guest writer? Contact us!

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