2014 in Venezuela: what the hell is going on?

by Laura Vilaça

As you browse the news of this month, you cannot stand indifferent to the huge popular turmoils happening: Ukraine, Venezuela, Brazil. Whereas the first up-rise seems to have succeeded, giving hope to the precept that says “the people united will never be defeated“, the other two are still working their way into making civil disobedience heard by their governments. While the Brazilian protests are ongoing since June 2013, the Venezuelan riots are fresh events from a week ago and no one seems to quite understand what is going on there. I’ve looked into things and will try to explain them a bit.

Ukraine, Brazil, Venezuela (abcnews.com, tvi.pt, reuters)

Ukraine, Brazil, Venezuela
(credit: abcnews.com, tvi.pt, reuters)

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Frozen: reshaping dreams?

By Alix Barré

This winter 2013, Walt Disney Pictures released its 53rd animated feature. It seemed to have all the makings of traditional Disney movie, beautiful princesses, a charming prince and singing all set in a far away fairytale land. But as it was released and my friends around me started watching it, I started hearing that this one had a twist, it was different. I was intrigued, being one of the many who grew up with Disney and its idea of true love. After seeing it, I want to tell you why I think Frozen is reshaping the dream of true love. Attention, if you haven’t seen the movie and don’t want spoilers, don’t read this.

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By Sonja Nikcevic

Ten days into the 2014 Winter Olympics, and all eyes are still firmly set on Sochi. The longest, largest and most highly covered Winter Games to date has had its fair share of drama from ground zero. With over 7000 competing athletes and almost double that amount of journalists reporting live, the sporting world and beyond has not been wanting of Sochi correspondents, for the good, bad and the hilarious. However, life and perceptions of it seem to take on a slightly altered form from within the eye of the Olympic storm, and visions inside and outside the Olympic rings might not always be exactly the same. This is what the 2014 Winter Olympics look like to those of us outside Sochi 2014’s direct glare.

rusi team gold

Photo: Getty Images

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Stories: from mythology to comic books

By Charlotte Auclair

Did you know that Superman, the most famous comic book icon, was created by a teenager? Jerry Siegel was only fourteen years old when he got the idea of creating Superman. I have been reading comic books since a very young age, and I always wondered ‘where do the stories come from?’ It is said that in one day, our brain produces as many as 50,000 thoughts. Fiction or reality, all our thoughts are based on human activity based on mundane things such as relationships, fears, wishes… Images of our daily life unfold in front of us, feed our imagination and this enables us not only to dream but also to create stories. Today, I am going to talk about comic books and about the processes of creation and imagination in stories, myths and comic books.

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The Politics of Sports

By Noort Bakx

With a spectacular opening event last Friday (although the last Olympics circle failing to open messed it up a bit, leading to some great responses) The Olympics in Sochi finally kicked off. After months, maybe years of controversy and issues surrounding the event, question is whether sports will now finally take over as the dominant factor surrounding the games. Cause that is what it’s all about, no?


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