The path to self awareness

by BadMotherFucker

If you were lucky enough to be born on the west side of this planet, you have a task to fulfill, you have to be stylish. On the other hand, if you live everywhere else on this planet you should be satisfied, if before your 40s, you don’t die because of hunger, thirst, spreading diseases, human stupidity or chemical waste. In other words, we have Cairo, where people cannot breath because of air pollution and streets are full of rats and rubbish and then we have a golden boy, who pays his ass in order for his living room to have “an idea of life in Cairo” and the decorator chooses the carpets and the paintings on the walls and a foot-sculpture in the middle of the living room, which looks like a shisha, but it’s modern art, and now that I’m thinking it reminds me of a gas container with blisters. This is the world we are living in.

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by BadMotherfucker

Let’s continue this week with the last part of the tribute for the best album covers ever. After the excitement that my previous 3 posts created in the mass (zero likes on facebook) it’s time for the epic finale. Here you go:

The Flaming Lips – ‘Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots’


Drugs, drugs, drugs, and what the fuck is this creature? I guess is a pink robot that Yoshimi battles. I know that Flaming Lips are deep into the 60’s psychedelic movement, but man, this is a nightmare, I never want to test a drug that creates such side effects. Anyways, besides the awesome cover, the album itself is probably the best album of the last decade. Check it out.

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by BadMotherfucker

If you missed them, check out the first and second part of The Kick-Ass Face of the Noise.

It’s been a while since I wrote the second part of “The kick ass face of the noise” and I know that it was shit. But no worries, guys, here is the third (but not last) part of my tribute. Enjoy:

Can – Tago Mago


I don’t really know what the fuck the cover depicts, but I know that I like it. All in all we are talking about a band which has influenced tons of musicians, bands and music genres. Even though this is not their best album, they have tracks like “Mushroom” and “peking O”, those kick asses. Thanks Cologne for Can, we highly appreciate it.

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The world could have been a better place if…

By BadMotherFucker

Hey guys, what’s up? I know that you missed me a lot, I missed you too.


This week I decided not to continue with my last part of the “kick ass face of the noise” BUT as a real ORTHODOX BRO (I guess most of you know that today is the orthodox Eastern, otherwise shame on you, filthy bastards), I will have my day off and enjoy my kokoretsi and beers in the sun… But for those of you who clicked to see what’s posted today I have an advice: GET A LIFE! It’s Saturday and almost summer in the whole northern hemisphere (except Denmark of course…) and you motherfuckers stay in the whole clicking on random blogs? So close the tab and enjoy the day. With you in the southern hemisphere, I’d like to share my thoughts about resurrection:

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