The roomie challenge

By Camy Roch

There we go again: New start, new city, new flat… followed by the cortege of new roomies that comes along. Cohabitation has its ups and downs. It can be a drag or result in damn good laughs. You just have to make the best of it…


What society tries to make you think ‘cohabitation’ is…

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What’s beyond the Westgate Mall photos?

By Camy Roch

Just something I happened to wonder few weeks ago, and that kept bothering me: who’s responsible for these, and why am I being shown them?


On September 21 st, members of Islamist insurgent group Al Shabaab penetrated Westgate Mall in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, where they opened fire killing 67 and injuring 170. The attack, claimed by the Somalia-based cell of Al Qaida, was followed by 4 days siege and partial destruction of the shopping centre.

Dramatic photographs from inside the mall illustrating the violence of the action, lifeless bodies covered in blood and policemen intervention quickly spread online. I saw a couple of them with a colleague of mine, and one of the comments that came out was ‘Who the hell took those pictures?’ ‘Civilians with their smartphones’, my colleague said. Meeh… With all due respect to the increasing performances of phone photography , I don’t think so. Continue reading

Veggie Pride, or when freedom of expression should reconsider its limits

by Camy Roch

Back to serious bullshit, folks! Two weeks ago, an event largely underreported, according to me, took place in Geneva. The kind of event that make you seriously wonder about your surrounding fellows: The International Veggie Pride 2013.

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Havens on the Wane

By Camy Roch

States are like people. At least, sometimes they do have the same survival instincts, especially when it comes to money. I mean, what would you do if  you’re short on money but still craving  a refreshing beer? You desperately rake up your pockets. And if you still can’t find any, then you go rake the neighbour’s. At least, that’s what I would do.

Let’s leave the metaphor there. It seems like today, due to economic hard times, states are struggling to afford that goddamned beer. Leading the European Council to gather in Brussels two days ago, with the firm intention to scrape some money together. Here to understand: tackling once for all tax evasion, and putting an end to the reign of tax havens and bank secrecies. (As I said, if you can’t find coins in your own pockets, go for the neighbours’).

As sad as it may sound, not every tax haven does look like that.

As sad as it may sound, not every tax haven does look like that.

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