Your friend is late, it’s his fault, isn’t it?

by Martin Jani

You are supposed to meet your friend at 6 pm. It’s 6:05 and your friend is still not coming. You have been standing there for almost 10 minutes. 5 more minutes, he’s nowhere around and it looks like it’s going to rain. He should at least text saying he’s not going to make it on time, right? What are your first thoughts going to be like? Are you getting upset? Or are you rather worried about your friend? Maybe your friend is irresponsible or careless, and he does things like that all the time, he’s just that kind of person, you know. On the other hand, something might have happened to your friend, something that he was unable to influence whatsoever. For example, what if he got stuck in traffic and his battery died? So, is he an asshole or a victim? In that case, is the actual asshole you?

credit: Nazzen at Flickr

credit: Nazzen at Flickr

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