MTV, the Philippines Typhoon and Grotesque

By Daniel Isler

Grotesque: adjective. comically or repulsively ugly or distorted.  incongruous or inappropriate to a shocking degree.” (Oxford Dictionaries). 

A cute guy with a perfect nose comes out of a rain of confetti. He is accompanied by a robot-like figure, covered all in white and wearing a robot-mask. The cute guy is wearing a leopard print scarf and a red jacket.  The crowd is ecstatic, just as it has been for the last two hours. What will the cute guy do next? This evening is full of surprises, and the crowd is hungry for another one. Surprisingly, the guy and the robot do not start dancing, twerking, or lighting a joint on stage. The cameras do not fly around them, no music is being heard. the guy addresses the audience, ask them for their attention:  “um… I’d like to invite you to join me in a moment of silence for the people in the Philippines that are suffering because of this horrible typhoon that’s affected this country”. The audience is obviously baffled. This whole evening they are encouraged to party like there is no tomorrow. Now this pretty-boy wants them to be silent? The “moment” lasts 10 seconds, as it is clear that a lot of people in the crowd did not understand what he asked for, or worse – they did understand, but genuinely do not give a rat’s arse.


We salute you.

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So ladies, would you pay for sex?

by Hannah Wallace Bowman

Small boobs, big boobs, blonde ones and leather thongs: it’s Saturday evening in Amsterdam’s red light district and the women in the windows are open for business. Potential clients meander through the canal-lined streets, perusing the veritable candy-shop of sexual delight on offer, the air thick with a heady combination of testosterone and beer.

Foto: Mathieu Milot

Foto: Mathieu Milot

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Getting (runner’s) High in Amsterdam

By Erika Thompson

With the recent completion of the Amsterdam half-marathon, I hang up my finisher’s medal among the rest with pride. It feels like an accomplishment and in that moment, I am invincible and immediately sign up for my next challenge: the Barcelona Half-Marathon in February 2014. But then Monday comes and I wake up with stiffness, aching and soreness as I waddle around the city and grip the railing with white knuckles descending down the staircase. Tuesday comes and I opt for a glorious nap after a long day instead of the obligatory workout. Wednesday comes and my 5km run feels like it will never end… and I think on days like these, why do I intentionally put myself through grueling events like this over and over again? The answer: runner’s high.


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Long live the Queen!

By Noort Bakx

Lang leve de Koningin! Today is the day. Queensday, or I might even say, Dutch day. Today our queen will step down, and a new king is inaugurated. As a Dutchie, today is my day to feel nationalistic. And I do.


I love the queen. I cannot really explain what it is, but I’m a big fan, and so somewhat sad she decided to leave her position today. I don’t want this post to be a discussion about monarchy. I have had a few the last weeks. And I can understand that others are against the monarchy or don’t understand it. I can see that it might be outdated, not of this century. Or that you would argue it makes no sense, it goes against democracy, giving someone this position by birthright. Or that it costs way too much money. Many of these anti-arguments might make sense. And I do not have strong arguments to go against it. All that I can say is, I love the queen.

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