Date a girl who – insert stereotype

By Sonja Nikcevic

Some time ago, a certain, mysterious Rosemarie Urquico posted an inspiring, literary insight into why you, and everyone else in the world should date a girl who reads. And suddenly, without warning, the Internet exploded. The post went viral in the astounding Internet-hype way that seems to have become commonplace in recent society. Girls and women all over the world paused their lonely, or not so lonely, exciting or everyday, book-loving lives and recognized themselves in Urquico’s words. I’m not ashamed to admit I was one of them. Below is an extract, so you can keep up:

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Just Another Top Five

by Sonja Nikcevic

The beauty of this project of ours is that there are no rules. But before I sat down to write my first contribution, I gave myself one: ‘Surprise them. Do not write about sports.’

And I won’t. Because, while sports may be what I live, breathe, and yes, write about most of the time, it’s not all that I am. So here’s a post on another of my passions, one that I believe has shaped me more than a football match or Olympic tournament ever will.


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