Just a day

Just to be clear about this right from the start: Personally, I’m not a fan of Valentine’s day. I never celebrated it, I have no relation with it and my (pitiable, some might say) girlfriend never got a single gift. Not because of deliberate rejection, but because of indifference. 14th of February for me never was Valentine’s day, it was just a day.i_hate_valentines_day_card-p1370222628779258148h2w_210[1] Continue reading

How about some extra endorphins?

by Michael Seckler

“From a biochemical perspective happiness is nothing more than the release of endorphins in the brain. Love, music, a nice sculpture or chocolate can cause that, but also complex mathematical constructs”. If math professor Christian Hesse was telling the truth in his interview with good impact magazine we seem to miss out on loads of endorphins all the time. Noort Bakx showed it with dating the other day: There is more math in your everyday-life than you might expect. You don’t think so? Maybe a look at this extremely average Wednesday of mine can convince you of the contrary (Do I already sound like the math teacher you hated? Good!): 

The Travelling-Salesman-Problem (Picture: dogonews.com)

The Travelling-Salesman-Problem (Picture: dogonews.com)

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