The US shutdown: democracy at high rise or big low?

By Noort Bakx

While We Should Name This Soon is back in business, America is still under shutdown. Yes, the government shutdown, with more than a week of closed business, those who have not lived under a stone have been spammed with it the last days. Due to the incapacity of the Democrats and the Republicans to reach consensus over the budget, the non-essential government facilities have been closed and thousands of officials have been sent home. I think we can all agree on the ridiculousness of the situation, the closing down of the United States of America. As far as my research has shown, an unique situation as well.

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Imagine Europe

 by Noort Bakx

Talking about Europe is not always a popular subject. Across nations, borders, ages and citizens, there are different ideas and opinions about it. However, to me, that’s what makes the discussion interesting.

To me and apparently for about 100 other European students: I am currently in Utrecht at a five day congress from the Forum for European Journalism Students, where we’re discussing the topic ‘Imagine Europe’. Going beyond European politics and economics, we debate on culture, society, identity and solidarity.

It is also questioned if reporting and writing about the continent is something that could and should change, if we can restore some optimism about Europe through journalism and if there is a European identity. About the question where Europe starts and where it stops, in political terms, but also when it comes to borders. There are many questions being asked here, some answered, some not. Here are some of my notes and scribbles of the first two days.


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