Proximity explained

by Sonja Nikcevic

We should name this soon has only been open for business for two days, and already, a standard’s been set. The injustice of visas, Obama calling tech service… it’s all there and it’s all fantastically written. This is my crack at keeping the pace up.

I recently upped and moved again, this time to the beautiful city of Hamburg. I’ve spent my first days registering (for everything and anything), chasing Internet connections, exploring, and attempting to sprech Deutsch (at an hour too early to comprehend). The rest of my time, I’ve spent in my miniscule dorm room – shared bathrooms, kitchens and all. Now, what makes all of the above charming as opposed to daunting is the people around me (and Ikea, Ikea helped with the room). In the space of a week, I’ve grown close to people I called friends, but didn’t talk to all that much last year in Denmark. And the reason for it is simple – proximity.


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Ferris Wheel

by Daniel Isler

Ferris wheel. How excited was little Daniel when he first met one, back when he was a six year old. The colors, the lights, the size, the height, the stories from his older sisters. Everything pushed him to agree to dad’s suggestion, and jump on one of the carts and go up to the sky. Unfortunately for little Daniel, half way up he felt the disturbing, unique feeling of gummy bears, chocolate ice-cream and juice all mixing and turning in his stomach – nausea. The colors, the lights, the size, the height – all overwhelmed the little boy. “Tell them to stop the wheel”, said Daniel to his dad, “I want to get off”. But this was not part of the wheel-deal.


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A visit from an Israeli official to journalists students in DK

By Veronica Sanchez

With two short videos about Israel Roi Dvir opens his encounter with postgraduate students of journalism in Aarhus. The Deputy Ambassador of Israel in Denmark first plays a clip that covers the achievements of the country in its 65 years of existence. Images that range from S.Y. Agnon Nobel Prize, the Peace Treaty with Egypt, to the development of its aerospace industry appear in a timeline with musical background. The second video promotes innovations created in Israel: the cherry tomato, the USB flash drive, the solar water heaters, the instant text messaging. Neither of the two clips focuses on what the world would normally associate with Israel: the conflict with Palestine.

The Israeli model Bar Refaeli appears in the video ‘Created in Israel’ which shows the innovations and technological advances of the Middle Eastern country. Photo:Internet

The Israeli model Bar Refaeli appears in the video ‘Created in Israel’ which shows the innovations and technological advances of the Middle Eastern country. Photo:Internet

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Is “hyggelig” always positive?

by Michael Seckler

Before I start writing this: I am certainly not an expert of danish history, and, as a non-danish-speaker, especially not of danish words. Therefore please look at the following thoughts on the word “hyggelig” as a “thinking out loud”-article. I’m open to conviction by anybody who knows more about this.

So why writing about a word anyways? Especially one that sounds as strange as “hyggelig”? Maybe because it seems that “hyggelig” is not only hard to pronounce but also hard to fully understand.

Coffe Place in Downtown Arhus

Coffee place in downtown Arhus

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