How using social media can help you get a job

by Laura Vilaça

As Jasmijn de Baan explained this week, the work market is a dogfight. As such, you must be as prepared as possible, always finding ways to make yourself stand out from the competition. Today, being able to throw around a few clicks to get others engaged is as valuable as gold, and one must not fall behind on the trends. Social media may just be the push you need to look like a safe bet on a casino night. And though these tools are not as useful for some jobs as they are for others, knowing the basics can also be a way to improve how you manage your internet persona and, just maybe, turn out to be nice conversation ice breaker in an elevator or a party because, like it or not, we’re all Barbie girls in a digital world.

Given that I’m a nicer person than a new-born puppy, I organized a little guide to the social networks that are trending and that you should be mastering – or at least be aware of them. You’re welcome, future employed you.

Barbie, the computer engineer. Yes, it exists. via
Barbie, the computer engineer. Yes, it exists.

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Could you give me a job…please?

By Jasmijn de Baan

As a Recruiter, it is the most asked question from anyone who has just received their hard-earned diploma.

Like so many others, I started my education five years ago with all the gleam and pride of someone who thought they were getting the best start in life. Cause not everyone makes it up to university. And at that time it was literally said: ‘no matter what field of study you choose, you will have a job within a short period of time’. Five years later, the unemployment plague is a stark reality. Starter positions are relatively scarce, and the jobs available are usually met by hundreds of candidates applying (300 to 400 candidates for one job opening is rather a rule than an exception). The competition is murderous and (sadly), you can expect your group of competitors growing every half year. Unless you are in IT of course.


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