The wonders of Eastern European food

(Mainly Serbian, mainly something you don’t want to miss)

By Sonja Nikcevic

I have given myself a complimentary long weekend, and have glorious plans for it. These include seeing everyone and anyone (preferably in my favorite coffee place), dressing up and eating wedding cake, oh, and eating some of the best food in the world. Now, because many have asked, and because everyone needs to know, here are some of the most mouthwatering gems of Serbian and Eastern European cooking.

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Food, food everywhere!

by Alix Barré

Today I want to talk about an amazing phenomenon that you can find on the Internet more and more, food porn. Before your mind goes places, let me specify that by food porn I mean incredible, crazy recipes you never dared to think of, not actual people having sex with food. On social media such as Imgur, Reddit, Tumblr, Buzzfeed you can find many pictures of them, as well as on food blogs of course. I must warn you some of these ideas are more on the crazy side than appetising, but let me share with you a few of the amazing things I came across.


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What not to miss in Israel

By Sonja Nikcevic

The newest hot topic here is apparently, the dire state of our generation. My plan is to stubbornly continue to claim that we are totally fine and talk about other things. So… just like last time – hello from Tel Aviv! I’ve been here for exactly a week now, and for all the diversity the country offers, I’m a little disappointed to say that all that I’ve seen has been football related. Football, stadiums, football players, football press areas, with a little bit of exhausted , but fancy ,hotel life thrown in. So, the list below (yes, yet another list), is less of a ‘look at all the cool things I’ve done, you should SO do them too’ and more of a ‘go out and try to experience the country, you idiot’ reminder for me. Enjoy.

1.   Humus. Eat lots of humus.


Now that, I have done, and will continue to do with every meal. On my way from the airport, the driver gave me a list of all the types of humus I need to try. At a fast food stand, when I asked for humus with my fries, I got a beaming smile and a free drink.  Israel’s attitude towards food, and especially humus is amazingly dedicated, and as soon as I had my first taste of it here, I understood why. Think of the best western-made humus you’ve ever had, add some olive oil, spices and multiply it by 50 –then you’ll get the stuff they have here. Dip some steaming pita bread in and you’re set – the borekas and falafel can wait.

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