MADE IN FRANCE: how far would you go to support your country?

Ever wondered how many of your daily life products are actually nationally made? If you take a quick look around you’ll realise next to none actually are. Journalist Benjamin Carle decided to do an experiment of living 9 months only with French–made products. Not to manifest his extreme patriotism but as a reaction to French politics pushing citizens to buy local products instead of foreign ones. Benjamin Carle set out to discover how accessible French-products really are and how realistic it is to favour them. His documentary is set to come out this month, let’s take a sneak peak at his 9 months living exclusively in blue-white-red.

Photograph: Pierre Andrieu/AFP

Photograph: Pierre Andrieu/AFP

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By Alix Barré

What’s one of the worst nightmares of frequent travellers? Something as simple as the cry of a sweet, innocent child might just do the trick.  If you have ever been stuck on a plane full of crying babies on long distance flights, you will probably understand what I mean. It seems I am always surrounded by several babies when travelling – crying babies. It can easily turn into the trip from hell, especially if you’re travelling over long distances. Before you start screaming “oh, discrimination!” this will not be a post bashing babies and being intolerant towards families, but rather a post explaining how it could be nice to have solutions to what I consider a genuine problem.

JillGreenberg 2012

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Off with his head!

by Alix Barré

I like to imagine that that’s the sentence that was said before the French beheaded Louis XVI, King of France 2 centuries ago. Poor Louis could only exclaim: “I am innocent” before the deed was done. This deed ended monarchy in France and of course the French Revolution is an important part of history, a mostly admired part of it.


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Ding-Dong! The *itch Is Dead

by Laura Vilaça

Capitalism is a subject that stirs feelings. As much as it moves money, it moves emotions: thousands of people gather in the streets to criticize it, while not-so-many-thousands (figuratively) pray in appreciation of the profit they make out of this system. However – and more than hate or an acute thankful sensation -, capitalism brings out beautiful romances.

Over thirty years ago, one of the most emblematic romances of our time was born: Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan were protagonists of an ideological union based on politics and economy that changed the world. Sharing distrust on communism and highly possibly a plate of pasta (much like the scene in The Lady and The Tramp), they led in the direction of privatization and a firm affirmation of the West. While some of us were left to mild foreplay like whips and kisses, Thatcher and Reagan were playing world domination.

Lady and Tramp spaghetti clip

Instead of meatballs imagine them eating your publicly funded health care

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