FC St. Pauli – Hamburg’s modern-day pirates

By Sonja Nikcevic

There was something in the air last night in Hamburg. And it wasn’t just the endless, pouring rain, the beginning of a long awaited weekend, or the Christmas market magic. It was time for football, and St. Pauli were playing.

Just like with so many others, Hamburg’s city lines are divided by football. And while around the world  these lines can run as deep as religion, class and politics – have you ever heard of a dynamic where one club is mainstream & (arguably) successful and the other just plain übercool?


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Proximity explained

by Sonja Nikcevic

We should name this soon has only been open for business for two days, and already, a standard’s been set. The injustice of visas, Obama calling tech service… it’s all there and it’s all fantastically written. This is my crack at keeping the pace up.

I recently upped and moved again, this time to the beautiful city of Hamburg. I’ve spent my first days registering (for everything and anything), chasing Internet connections, exploring, and attempting to sprech Deutsch (at an hour too early to comprehend). The rest of my time, I’ve spent in my miniscule dorm room – shared bathrooms, kitchens and all. Now, what makes all of the above charming as opposed to daunting is the people around me (and Ikea, Ikea helped with the room). In the space of a week, I’ve grown close to people I called friends, but didn’t talk to all that much last year in Denmark. And the reason for it is simple – proximity.


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