Stop. Calling. Me. A. Hipster.

by Laura Vilaça

I warn you that this post, though based on rational argumentation, is rather drawn from accumulated anger. I’ve been called a hipster way too many times, and it’s time to do something about it.

So why does it bother me so much to be called such a thing? “Duh, because that means you really are one of them, hipsters never admit they’re hipsters, bla bla bla”. NO. NO. NO. Contrary to popular belief, when I try to distance myself from this definition, I’m not doing it out of modern irony or contradictory behavior. Surprisingly enough, I’m trying to say that I’m not… a fucking hipster.


(take a song for the road, kids)

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More than Irony

by Michael Seckler

“Generation internship”, “Generation facebook” or “Generation debt” : The persisting effort to name our generation after THE defining feature is arguably one of the most desperate disciplines in public discourse. Literally everything has been used to brand the post 1980’s, albeit without much success. Neither “Generation Internet” nor “Generation Spoiled” really stuck.


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