6 Sci-fi films that went under the radar

By Daniel Isler

12-monkeys-mentalWhen I was nine years old, I watched Terry Gilliam’s “12 Monkeys” for the first time in my life. I was hooked – the character of James Cole (Bruce Willis) – the suffering time traveler – was enough to make it my favorite movie. Almost 20 years after its release, it still is. What makes it so unique in my opinion is the simplicity of the settings, the strong characters, the philosophy behind it and of course – a powerful ending. I despise the contemporary firework shows that call themselves sci-fi only because they have laser guns or giant robots. For me, the magic of science fictions lays in the ability of the film to communicate an amazing and grasping idea – in a realist and modest way. Here are a few that do it very good, but are mostly unknown to most of us. Continue reading

12 mistakes to avoid if you’re a disaster traveling alone

by Laura Vilaça

I am a disaster traveling alone. I’ve been avoiding this confirmation because of my self esteem as an independent-grow-modern-woman, but facts keep proving me otherwise. Not even a year ago, I ‘forgot’ my checked luggage at the airport and happily went all the way home, only to realize – three hours later – that I had to go back 30 mins by bus to get it. It was a big red suitcase, almost my size. I kid you not.

76 x 31 x 43 cm. Sadly enough, not a sexual reference.

76 x 31 x 43 cm. Sadly enough, not a sexual reference.

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Lists, the news of the future?

By Noort Bakx

Lists. I come across more and more lists. Everywhere, whether it is my plain old grocery or to-do list, Twitter lists, lists on my news site, the best-seller list, we are listing. Even on our very own blog, they have been all over the place. ‘Reasons we love smartphones’, ‘Reasons to stick to crappy phones’, ‘Top books’, ‘Best covers’ and ’10 things to do in class’, there’s a whole selection right here.

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