I wish I had better legs

by Laura Vilaça

I wish I had better legs. In today’s job market, having good, skillful legs seems like the key to achieve financial success and social status. Yes, I’m talking about playing football and the amazing figures the players mount up just for the simple fact that they can dribble a football and have good game strategy. At 25, Messi is worth 120.000.000€ in the football market, followed by Cristiano Ronaldo (28), worthing 100.000.000€, and Andrés Iniesta (29), 70.000.000€. In a Dragon Ball world, if these boys were to fuse, they would create a super-star football player with a weird body height and, most importantly, a 300 million euro tag attached as accessory.

You can't touch this.

You can’t touch this.

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