Eurovision: Like it or not, it matters (and it’s fun)

By Sonja Nikcevic

Last night, after 3+ hours of singing, dancing, laser lights and voting results, Denmark became the new winner of Eurovision. If you’re from or in Europe, a club-goer, radio-listener or general consumer of media, you better start liking the flowing, flutey (it’s a word now, deal with it) tunes of Only Teardrops; or move away. Far away, to the corners of North America, who has no problem pretending that Europe doesn’t exist anyway.

Emmelie de Forest sings her little (slightly hippie) heart out, with ‘Only Teardrops’

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The Kick-Ass Face Of The Noise (part II)

by BadMotherFucker
If you missed the first part, check it here.

Toto – Turn back


One of the most stupid bands ever, which for an unknown reason managed to get great commercial success. On the other hand, if you have a quick look at the charts, you will easily understand that we are surrounded by idiots (you are right Santiago) and that artists who are not even able to imitate the sound of a monkey playing the xylophone are or were on top. But still, this is a list focused on covers and as a cover “Turn Back” is really good. Ok, to be honest, with such a ridiculous name, it’s not that hard to come up with the idea of the cover, it’s just four letters…

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Fado and its ways to make us cry

by Laura Vilaça

There’s music that gives you emotional rides. Most of the times, it’s because it can be related to a particular period of your life, or because the rhythm suits your usual mood, or just because the song sounds awesome. There are, however, some songs that are indissociable from your culture. Those are the ones that fuck you up – in the good sense – the most: they prove that you can relate to people with whom you share geographical but not personal space with; they bring out a common feeling among people from the same place.

In Portugal, specifically, we call that type of music Fado. Despite there being a lot of Portuguese people who don’t enjoy it particularly (sons of bitches with not an inch of musical taste in their miserable bodies), Fado usually brings out the Niagara Falls in the eyes of most Portuguese.

Fado literally means “fate”, and this music genre roots its concept on melancholy, mournfulness and a culturally bound sentiment of resignation. The songs generally narrate scenes of day-to-day life through a powerful voice that trembles in the singing and a  guitar to mark the pace.


all subtitled and stuff just for you guys. we’re so nice.

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The kick-ass face of the noise

by BadMotherFucker

When I first had the innovative idea of writing about the 50 best album covers (according to my opinion of course) I decided not to include, on purpose, covers that maybe an old lady in Kirgizstan knows. So I want you to know that covers like Velvet Underground’s (probably the best band ever) with Andy Warhol’s banana, Nirvana’s “Nevermind”, Rolling Stone’s “Sticky Fingers” or Clash’s “London Calling” are not included either because if you don’t know them it means that you have absolutely no idea about music, so better close this tab, or that you can easily find them by a Google search in any other similar list out there. If you are patient enough you can read all 3 parts of this article, today I’m going to write about the first 15. I would like to mention as well that the covers don’t follow any logical order, to make it clearer it’s a random list that I made myself, just a random night. So here we go my friends:

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