Long live the Queen!

By Noort Bakx

Lang leve de Koningin! Today is the day. Queensday, or I might even say, Dutch day. Today our queen will step down, and a new king is inaugurated. As a Dutchie, today is my day to feel nationalistic. And I do.


I love the queen. I cannot really explain what it is, but I’m a big fan, and so somewhat sad she decided to leave her position today. I don’t want this post to be a discussion about monarchy. I have had a few the last weeks. And I can understand that others are against the monarchy or don’t understand it. I can see that it might be outdated, not of this century. Or that you would argue it makes no sense, it goes against democracy, giving someone this position by birthright. Or that it costs way too much money. Many of these anti-arguments might make sense. And I do not have strong arguments to go against it. All that I can say is, I love the queen.

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