2014 in Venezuela: what the hell is going on?

by Laura Vilaça

As you browse the news of this month, you cannot stand indifferent to the huge popular turmoils happening: Ukraine, Venezuela, Brazil. Whereas the first up-rise seems to have succeeded, giving hope to the precept that says “the people united will never be defeated“, the other two are still working their way into making civil disobedience heard by their governments. While the Brazilian protests are ongoing since June 2013, the Venezuelan riots are fresh events from a week ago and no one seems to quite understand what is going on there. I’ve looked into things and will try to explain them a bit.

Ukraine, Brazil, Venezuela (abcnews.com, tvi.pt, reuters)

Ukraine, Brazil, Venezuela
(credit: abcnews.com, tvi.pt, reuters)

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The Message, Not The Man: Why Russell Brand Is Not Our Messiah, Nihilist or Otherwise

by Hannah Wallace Bowman

Let me begin by saying, I like Russell Brand. A lot. There is actually quite a high chance that I am in love with the rambunctious quipster. That now famous interview with Jeremy Paxman has been viewed worldwide and, quite honestly, I could not be more thrilled that he was able to articulate, in less than 10 minutes, the frustrations of a generation. 1384097_10101192290364329_1355535520_n

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Our Messiah is an Ideological Nihilist

by Daniel Isler

“The reason I’m focusing more on political and social ideas, than the past when I was focused primarily on my own penis, is because I am growing up now. Although he still does get enough attention.”

Russell Brand NewStatesman guest edit

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