The Public Life of a Flight Attendant

by Tiago Vilaça

“Ding! [Here we go…]
– Yes, sir. Do you need something?
– Coffee. Black.
– Would you like some sugar with your coffee?
– I said black!
– Ok, sir. Give me two minutes… [sigh]”

This is how everybody perceives the work of a flight attendant. The average passenger has the idea that we are only there to serve their every need throughout the duration of that fight, without even needing a kind thank you. Let me start by saying that this is an absolutely wrong and twisted manner of making a person a slave of contemporary times. Obviously, cabin crews are in a flight to help passengers feel well and appreciated (and not just a seat number full of money to spend), but our job resides in much more than that.

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So ladies, would you pay for sex?

by Hannah Wallace Bowman

Small boobs, big boobs, blonde ones and leather thongs: it’s Saturday evening in Amsterdam’s red light district and the women in the windows are open for business. Potential clients meander through the canal-lined streets, perusing the veritable candy-shop of sexual delight on offer, the air thick with a heady combination of testosterone and beer.

Foto: Mathieu Milot

Foto: Mathieu Milot

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Sexpositions and sexpectations in Game of Thrones

By Noort Bakx

Yesterday was Monday again, and yay, that means time to watch the new Game of Thrones! Over the last months, I too have become a big fan of HBO’s immensely popular fantasy drama series. Before I started watching, I heard many different thing about the show, but the one thing I heard from everyone was, sex. The sex and nudity on the show build up quite a reputation.


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