Ferris Wheel

by Daniel Isler

Ferris wheel. How excited was little Daniel when he first met one, back when he was a six year old. The colors, the lights, the size, the height, the stories from his older sisters. Everything pushed him to agree to dad’s suggestion, and jump on one of the carts and go up to the sky. Unfortunately for little Daniel, half way up he felt the disturbing, unique feeling of gummy bears, chocolate ice-cream and juice all mixing and turning in his stomach – nausea. The colors, the lights, the size, the height – all overwhelmed the little boy. “Tell them to stop the wheel”, said Daniel to his dad, “I want to get off”. But this was not part of the wheel-deal.


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Requiem for crappy phones

By Camy Roch

Some have said recently that despite the new technology inventions, crappy shitty phones remained a safe bet. Some have even argued that smartphones were some kind of a plague. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, click here! I admit that the antiques we used during the last decade were kinda funny. Indeed I had a great time playing Snake on my old 3330. Nevertheless, time has come to put those memories far far away behind you and to look at the bright future. So here they are, my personal top five reasons why to get yourself a smartphone:

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A plea for shitty mobiles

By Michael Seckler

Having studied history I learned about a special group of people that has always been there. A group that we, when looking back to them, devote a pitiful smile at best. I am talking about the ones that tried to reverse the irreversible. The ones that mistook progress for a hype.

Why then, could be asked, even write about the harms of smartphones? The world will certainly not go back to the heavy, colorless and monophonic pieces of shit we started our digital careers with. Quite the opposite: With Google’s ambition to release its “augmented-reality”-product “Google Glass” in 2014 the next step of digitalisation seems just around the corner.


However, being still the owner of a non-smart – in fact pretty stupid – phone, I am in the lucky position of observing how the rest fondles their portable darlings. And I came to the conclusion that not everything about them is amazing. So here they are, my personal top five reasons why to sell your smartphone:

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