By Sonja Nikcevic

Ten days into the 2014 Winter Olympics, and all eyes are still firmly set on Sochi. The longest, largest and most highly covered Winter Games to date has had its fair share of drama from ground zero. With over 7000 competing athletes and almost double that amount of journalists reporting live, the sporting world and beyond has not been wanting of Sochi correspondents, for the good, bad and the hilarious. However, life and perceptions of it seem to take on a slightly altered form from within the eye of the Olympic storm, and visions inside and outside the Olympic rings might not always be exactly the same. This is what the 2014 Winter Olympics look like to those of us outside Sochi 2014’s direct glare.

rusi team gold

Photo: Getty Images

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The Politics of Sports

By Noort Bakx

With a spectacular opening event last Friday (although the last Olympics circle failing to open messed it up a bit, leading to some great responses) The Olympics in Sochi finally kicked off. After months, maybe years of controversy and issues surrounding the event, question is whether sports will now finally take over as the dominant factor surrounding the games. Cause that is what it’s all about, no?


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