Oh society, what are you reading?

By Sonja Nikcevic

“The masses are stupid.” Unfortunately, this is a sentence I have heard too many times in the world of media and news production. I have even been guilty of thinking it myself, when I moderated comments or published photos of footballers’ naked girlfriends instead of stories about how said footballer played the previous weekend. I grumbled and cursed the masses, but conceded that clicks make money and money makes the world go round. I never really believed in it though. It’s just something you say at work; the whole of humanity can’t REALLY be stupid, can it? Or at least that’s what I liked to believe.

Then, a couple of days ago, I came across a truly tragic infographic, about a slightly different type of written word. You can see it below, possibly the saddest Top 10 ever – the top 10 most read books in the world in the past 50 years. And so I redirect you, and myself, back to the opening sentence – there is obviously something innately and frighteningly wrong with a species that has Shakespeare, the great Russian authors, and libraries full of literary genius, but that picks up Twilight instead.


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Double standards and the crusade against skinny

By Sonja Nikcevic

Remember the good old days when you could make a politically incorrect joke and not be publicly condemned by the ever-present oversensitivity police? Neither do I. This Western by-product of über-tolerance has reached an all-time high and we are being told and telling others (for the most part – rightly) that EVERYTHING is OK. Race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, body types – it’s all acceptable, desirable and a-ok. Everything that is, except being skinny.

Before the 1960’s and all the way back to the beginnings of modern society, curvy and ‘big’ women were all the rage. Remember the original pin up girls, Mairlyn Monroe and pre-Raphelites? There was nothing skinny about them and the world loved it.

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Youth wings are worse than cancer, folks

by Laura Vilaça

Youth wings get on my nerves. They really do. I see them as kindergartens of corruption, breweries of mass stupidity, things that could actually be cool but have gone sour with time. Don’t get me wrong: I fully sustain that young people should get involved in politics. However, don’t shit me: youth wings are not the way to become a politically engaged, fully informed citizen. They are the cancer of society and the root of a set of structural problems that bug more than crabs.

Give this young man a suit and some wings and he's ready for action.

Give this young man a suit and some wings and he’s ready for action.

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