Apping your personality

By Sonja Nikcevic

(See what I did there? Hilarious. I know.)

Once upon a time, not too long ago, the contents of your purse, or pocket, could tell you a lot about your personality, and life situation. Sadly small coins, pieces of lint, and library card usually meant student, while a mix of pop-up books, diapers, lipstick and day planners meant Supermom. Now zip back into the technologically-charged present and you’ll see that not much has changed. The content of your pocket and bag can still tell the world who you are, but now, all that content has been neatly wrapped up into a smartphone shaped super-gadget/mirror into your soul.



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Imagine Europe… And do it fast.

By Camy Roch

This week, the Forum for European Journalism Students took place in Utrecht, where 100 participants discussed the topic Imagine Europe. I was not there, so I’m not very sure about what they imagined. Instead, I was surfing here and there to see what was said this week about this big Europe thing. And, oh surprise! The brand new Eurobarometer 2012 was out!

Not that I particularly like statistics. As a matter of fact, it’s kind of reminds me of my years working as a telephone operator. That sweet time where I could skillfully piss someone off by only saying “Good evening, Sir!” Anyway, I figured that in the case of the Eurobarometer statistics, hopefully, some conscientious people would have done their job and done it right. So I’ve checked out those stats to see a bit what actually people think and whether it confirms, like some would say, the fact that this Union might be slowly going to its end.

As a matter of fact, EU does have an end (Cabo da Roca, Portugal - western most point of Europe)

As a matter of fact, EU does have an end (Cabo da Roca, Portugal – westernmost point of Europe)

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