Disillusioning: a New Discourse

This week Israel mentions the day of the assassination of its Prime minister, Yitzhak Rabin, 18 years ago. Rabin was assassinated by a right-wing extremist, that opposed to the Oslo Accords of the beginning of the 1990s. 18 years later, and the myth of Rabin as a peacemaker begins to crack: it’s a good opportunity for a brief insight into contemporary Israeli public opinion, and the dismissal of old narratives regarding the long lasting conflict with the Palestinians.


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Ding-Dong! The *itch Is Dead

by Laura Vilaça

Capitalism is a subject that stirs feelings. As much as it moves money, it moves emotions: thousands of people gather in the streets to criticize it, while not-so-many-thousands (figuratively) pray in appreciation of the profit they make out of this system. However – and more than hate or an acute thankful sensation -, capitalism brings out beautiful romances.

Over thirty years ago, one of the most emblematic romances of our time was born: Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan were protagonists of an ideological union based on politics and economy that changed the world. Sharing distrust on communism and highly possibly a plate of pasta (much like the scene in The Lady and The Tramp), they led in the direction of privatization and a firm affirmation of the West. While some of us were left to mild foreplay like whips and kisses, Thatcher and Reagan were playing world domination.

Lady and Tramp spaghetti clip

Instead of meatballs imagine them eating your publicly funded health care

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